WAKE ROBIN is one of the common names for the deep red trillium that grows in the northeast US in early spring and is the name I use for my studio. I'm Velma Bolyard and I have been making handmade paper since 1977, and making mostly plant or botanical papers since 1981 at my mill Wake Robin in New York's North Country (north of the Adirondack Forest Preserve). I'm a weaver, spinner, papermaker, book and fiber artist. Currently I focus on shifu (a spun and woven paper textile), botanical pressure printing (contact or eco prints) on paper, and artists' books. I recently retired from teaching special education in school and alternative education programs. I teach workshops and classes in shifu, hand papermaking, book and fiber arts in North America, and Australia. My work is deeply influenced by this beautiful landscape I call home, and my love for the land, animals, plants and weather of this place.