more daylight

i just read someone's comment on facebook:
soon we'll have more daylight because of the time change.
haven't they been looking around?
even here, 
in this long harsh winter with little sunshine,
the days grow longer, 
even if they are snowy 
and windy 
or just really cold,
so cold,
 i turned back on my walk the other day.
that person needs to go outside.
[as if the human grid of time
has a way of shaping the arc of days.]
inside i've been making prints.
really fine colors, patterns
happily surprising me.
 looking out my windows midday in the 9 degree wind
i saw a very hungry youngster
braving my yard 
for cedar.
hoping for food, 
eschewing that scary road.
 glad i dropped some bits from the twigs i gathered for printing.
but it's not enough to make that belly warm.
keeping my hands busy, 
i spun up thread while waiting out the bitter winds.
i found a little of the leftover old lokta* to spin up.
here it is,
looking lovely in the early morning sun 

*thanks to my australian friends
karen and robyn

and as some of you might observe, 
i deleted the swear word.
it's not my call to condemn if folks don't pay attention to 
their days.
and it's hysterical that daylight fades their curtains
within a timeframe that only they
can understand. 
here, the sun fades things if and when it does.
not, i might add, the contact prints on paper
or not that i've observed.
not once. ever.

marching orders

i love march and november
for the way the landscape opens and you can see
really see 
the bones of the land.
here it means hard walking,
 in november risky hiking,
(hunting season).
in march it can be mud season
or, like now, a foot or so of good snow.
i haven't been on skis this winter
mostly an arthritis in my foot issue.
but i do get out a bit and tromp in my mighty sorels.
today i collected arbor vitae (white cedar) and fern fruiting bodies
for the prints i folded, built, wrapped and cooked this afternoon.
i cut up some paper for kami-ito.
in the mail came a couple of things, this:
 japanese indigo in a soft mattress of fine flax
ready for spinning
and socks.
and then naomi velasquez sent this tonight
because i'm headed to idaho to teach shifu
at the end of the month.
i'd love to meet you there!
in other news:
i have seed for the spring: 
indigo and flax.
oh joy,
oh rapture.
tomorrow my what is an image class meets 
to make paper...