the daylight goes so quickly now, i leave in the dark and a short while after i get home it's beginning to dusk. we have a bit of the wild weather that's severe in some places, and if i were to travel 40 miles south i'd be able to ski. not here yet. this is not today's photo, the snow is no longer sticky, it's drier and blowing wildly. i wanted to show you my barn. 

this building is beginning to go, and if i don't put a new roof on soon, it will be lost. the barn holds memories for us, we had horses and ponies and angora rabbits and dairy and angora goats and sheep living in it. and a few barn cats. now there is a dead porcupine and other visitors. maybe someday i will have livestock again. the barn is a happy place, it was a dairy barn with about 13 "stanchels" when i rehabbed it for the sheep and goats. i used to go to the barn for solace, for the wonderful smell of warm livestock, to hang out with my horses. i put up many loads of hay that we cut, and later that i purchased. the kids had tire swings in the mow and sometimes slid from the mow down the hay chutes. my son draws the interior, my daughter photographs it. it is our place of memory here, our memory keeper.