moving toward solstice.

this time of year is a challenge for me, keeping my soul encouraged that the sun will begin to show up a few more and more minutes until i actually perceive lengthening days again. today's clear coldness was lovely before dark, and i went out back walking to fend off the dusk.

i was nourished by the frigid weather. there was so much lovely, thin sunlight, just leaving the meadow. back home hannah worked, my son ian won't make it back east this year. again.

i will write, i promise, soon about shifu. just now, i need to be facing the dark, welcoming the sun. i have one christmas present under the tree... a present to open on christmas morning. we will be celebrating small, smaller than usual, even. that's how it is. love and family and friends and dogs and snow.

if you look carefully, you will see a face, a promise, a miracle. maybe two. maybe more.