oh and good news

the daughter has her first acceptance to graduate school. i am very proud of her. mc gill university in montreal is not so very far away, especially after high school in colorado and college in maine. she would be an international student in a french speaking province, and might even get the chance to visit the papeterie st armand. ok, so i would get a chance to visit st. armand when i visit her... not a bad deal!
we finished up the soapstone today in school. i used our school camera, and got pretty poor shots, but here goes. this is a frog, and has wonderful detailing. 
a bear that made this student quite happy. (these two boys are the youngest in our program)
apologies for this blurred photo, but you can perhaps see the detailing on this alligator. far below is the bear i worked on with the students. one thing i love about doing this project AND reading crow and weasel is that the students make the connection to the concepts in the book through their hands. and maybe, just maybe they begin to understand that connection. next we will read a sherman alexie book, either the absolutely true diary of a part time indian or flight. i haven't decided yet. probably the diary because it is so funny, and we need some humor as mud season approaches.