sometimes amidst february syndrome*

there are times, even when money is tight, when you must splurge, and yesterday i took myself to white's florist in canton in search of summer and eucalyptus. i found both. and thirteen dollars poorer, i placed my bit of summer in an old milk bottle. and this morning, an overcast one, it's gold is even more luscious. and necessary. 

i placed the eucalyptus in water until i ready some cloth for eco printing. perhaps today!

yesterday i walked out back with wendy, visiting the creaky frozen barn and finding a bird's nest. this barn was built of recycled timbers so it has history in layers, history i can only guess at. but when i moved here, the milkhouse had records from the 1950s on the wall, sadly stripped away by children and wind. but you can, perhaps see that the timber frame has evidence of prior mortice and tenon work. down in the stabling area, i removed the cow stanchions to make stalls for my sheep, goats, and horses. now it's very empty.

wendy's nose, however, found all kinds of interest. i often wonder how it is in a dog's universe, with smell being SMELL. i listened to temple grandin friday on npr, and understand there is a new film about her life. i read one of her books and was fascinated, as was i with adam's task by vicki hearne about the training relationships between animals and people. at school we are reading crow and weasel by barry lopez, and the formal yet intimate relationships the beings all have with one another are causing much conversation. this week we will carve small animals (fetishes or totems, if you will) from soapstone, as a way to discover more about ourselves, about animals, about the connection. we have donated leather, and perhaps we will make small pouches for them as well. 

my old riding ring, where i rode for hours, working on shoulders in, cross rails, lead changes...looking west

*february syndrome: from melissa jay craig