porcupine precedes paper

5:58 am, i wanted to find the little whippersnapper...
that burl-like nodule...that's the critter...


this is one unhappy found-out porcupine.

and then a surprise at the end of the day, waiting for me. the yahoo handpapermakers 2009 swatch swap X anniversary book.
yep, it came with all those little hearts. 
it's always fun to see the swatches in this book. and akua wrote a poem for it, so i have lots to read, touch, smell, and look at. no, i will not taste any.
this gentleman is my neighbor, arizona (i think his name is arizona) a big half draft, half quarter horse. he's been here since i moved here, 23 years ago. he was so excited when i stopped my car to take a quick photo this morning. i was foolish and had no carrot. an alliterative red letter day, porcupine procurement, horse happiness, and papermaking pleasure.