6 inches am, 57 degrees pm

snow: about 6:30 am the daffodils are hiding out under about six inches.
last night was the last class of my "magic spirit bag" tapestry weaving class.
 cathryn made a handle right on the tapestry loom next to the main bag. she experimented with simple patterning and adding beads into the body of her bag.
joellen worked in a weft stripe repeat. she found the large needle easiest to use.
terry pushed herself out of her comfort zone and tried something completely patternless and pre-planned. for a complex knitter (way out of MY comfort zone) this was great!
hilary liked using the shed sticks with these schacht tapestry looms, and found a way to keep it workable. a hair tie!
under the hair tie supported shed stick, this tapestry was growing. one student chose to leave the class, it wasn't her thing. but for those (pictured here) who stuck with it, they left knowing how to weave a tapestry; a knowledge of many techniques, and a plan to finish their weaving on their own. the looms will be returned to the arts council when they're done. i learned we needed at least one more class to finish even a fairly simple tapestry project. i wove along with them, and this is what i came up with...so far...
the thing that is interesting for me is that i really included items of magic and spirit in here, some lokta, wool, handspun cotton, other cottons, and ripped strips of cotton muslin that a friend and i had printed on. i surprised myself with a rather quiet palate. it was a fun class for me--these women were wonderful students. we all spoke about how cool that was! magic spirit bag tapestry class. there is a race to see who finishes first...ok, so not a race, just an encouragement! i'll probably be last.