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eva over at tinctory wrote to ask me if i'm the same person whose work appears on a page in the book Natural Dyes- sources, tradition, technology, science by Dominique Cardon. she had just purchased the book. well! that was news to me. so i've ordered a copy, and i intend to find out what's up. it seems that someone sourced a very old sample from the midwest weaver's conference that i prepared for the handspun sample swap. in 1985. citing the wrong lichen, no less. (of course the names could have changed in the intervening 25 years). i am exceedingly curious and have eva to thank for cluing me in. i will let you know the results of my ongoing investigation. (perhaps i'm playing harriet vane or kate fansler. no bodies, please)

the interesting bit? i remember attending that conference with my friends jean and jerry from wild meadows angoras, six months pregnant, my first time away from three year old ian. this is how mothers mark the passing of time!Cardon