unfolding the first ice flower dye experiment using hollyhocks and calendula
as it dried, it became muted. not bad, just muted. a different aesthetic. i am waiting a few days before i change things by checking for wash fastness. 
i first started messing around with rust and other ways of marking fabric and threads several years ago, but as purely experiment. i was shocked when other artists were interested in what i was messing around with. and in the finished pieces. sometimes i would take, say, a bundle of handmade papers someplace. i'd wrap them in a dyed/patterned cloth. often people would like the cloth as much as the papers! 

so, i have been contemplating opening a store here, and wanted to mention the thought is in my mind. i have made a couple of sales through this very simple blog already. for me the learning curve is steep, and i may give up before i get there. but it's in my head... 
i will continue to work on the next shifu pieces and books, they are piled around as i attempt to get through the last six weeks of school. if you have any thoughts i'd appreciate hearing from you.

ps look at what jenna writes about sheep: www.coldantlerfarm.blogspot.com