peeling porch paint

yesterday i HAD to be still. my body demanded i take it easy, so instead of going out or thinking about big things i looked around myself at beauty here. my porch floor.

for your concern, i thank you. looks like my allergic reaction was the sweet cherries i ate, or most probably the chemicals that were left on them. i also got a nasty menopausal style period which surprised me. i THINK my body is enjoying being unpredictable. i had good advice to honor the body/spirit connection with gratitude. so i am saying here thank you.
textiles on a table. layers of memory that please me. joanne's rope.
a collection of book pages and parts wait for bindings. they are some of the extra ideas i have hanging around to work on when i have a chance. i walked around the house looking at texture and color. it seems that i must look. touch. smell (now it's sweet grass!!!) in the studio.
a gift from the sea and from stephen
so a gift of time given because it needs to be is mine for a few days. i am lucky enough to have this time now to take and learn what i need to. now. here. fully. if i only can do it well.

wendy went to the vet for a shot and exam. she is well, she is 12. she has a heart murmur which may need medication in the future. she also has worn down her teeth on toys (frisbee, kong, rope, ball, stick). but she is very well. we are friends.