meanwhile, back at the ranch...

i'm beginning to get over the huge sleepiness that's overwhelmed me for a couple of days. i swear that this chair was no where near the grapevine that has tried to claim it for it's own.
it had also climbed up my porch screening and begun to boogie along the roof. this summer is galloping ahead of itself.
not an amish farm, but definitely an amish style sign. new since i left.
some p.b.i. samples. melissa showed us several traditional fine binding techniques that transfer over to thick/artists' books. i was entranced with this spine sewing, and went overboard with these little presentation booklets.
you can see that i used a precious object that i found in machias, and built a home for it. this little book swings easily and we had fun (i was sitting at the FUN table) swinging it and pretending to be police. book geeks.
this checkerboard spine has many many possibilities, and i think i'll be exploring this one more. melissa learned this from betsy palmer eldridge. 
the three books, in different stages of completion. the ones presenting pebbles are leather trimmed. i am learning, and you can see many mistakes.
melissa's class was all about incorporating objects that are not necessarily found in books into the structure. we made thick board books, using several techniques to bind them. we did a lot of experimenting and everyone's book(s) were unique. melissa managed this chaos with grace and ease. i have a new way to present textiles, and unfortunately the photos don't really show much, so i guess i'll have to make up the thing in order to share it. number 25 on my list of things to be done immediately. after trimming the grapevine, that is.