sometime around the end of july, early august they kick in, and i, like most northeasterners are allergic to mother earth. i manage. it's just how. it. is. when i was farming i had fewer allergies than i'd ever had before; haying was a joy, not a trial.
so i fight the scatteredness of a cloudy head each morning. i finished the shifu for the morgan,  three sheets of morgan kozo wove about 7 1/4 x 11 1/2. they were small sheets, and the web is very stiff. i'm thinking of printing on this with bloodroot.
i have allergies on my mind, because i had a scare with my fingertip cuts, one became very irritated after being exposed to god only knows what nastiness i had my hands in as i cleaned out dead and gone pulps and dyes, moldy nastiness and dust and insect bodies everywhere. a little tlc and all is well.
so i've been weaving until my fingertips are a little tougher. but i'm eager to make paper.