quote from video

"books are so peculiar in that they're not like paintings where you can just walk into a gallery, touch nothing, and walk out unscathed. books have to be examined. they have to be touched. it's best if you smell them. there's something about that, that intimacy, that connectedness, you just can't curl up with a painting." timothy c ely
shifu books 1 and 3, 2 1/2 inches square by 3/4 inch
i've been spinning kozo from the morgan conservatory today in preparation for making a small piece for their fundraising auction.
kozo: one sheet spun, one sheet open, one sheet being cut
a damaged sheet, too thin sheetformation at the watermark
cut, then the strip is ripped into one continuous thin sheet of paper before spinning
the harvest from three sheets of 11x14 kozo