on the way to work this morning there was a rainbow arching over the school. only either end was visable, but it was a big one. rainbows are about light shining through darkness. that was what happened today.
i witnessed a student learn to sew, increase his skill base, make a book, and most importantly learn that he can make things. things good enough to be proud of.
he made a long stitch binding with a button closure. he used a natural flaw in the leather for his buttonhole.
this isn't a particularly difficult binding, and the book is all made of hand-me-downs. but this is what he said: i've never sewed before. this is too hard. i'll never get this. i made this and it's good. and he worked diligently because he now trusts me and when i told him it would work, he tried to make it work. it did. he is fully aware that he has believed a story about his own incompetence. he's now rethinking that tale. 

gary frost wrties about the haptics of books, and this student, who used to hate to read and write, is writing despite his poor spelling, and telling his story. now he has a book he designed and built. i hope he will use this book and, perhaps, bring it back to show me. he gladly let me take photos.