heavy rain

it seems like my cold toes and the constant deluge outside indicate i should start a fire. but i am stubborn (and lazy) and will wait until tomorrow after school.
cold toes protected by hannah's wool socks. this is "japanese style" lokta, cut and prepped for spinning. i purchase it from a local merchant.
 one sheet of the lokta, spun. 
 six sheets of lokta, spun. the warm white is natural lokta, the three dyed skeins are from pbi.
and milkweed, my lovely fiber/paper. i will finish this green harvest, and then do a gray harvest later on (though i spotted a patch of already field retted gray milkweed. i may cheat and pick that. i remember going out on my skis in march one year, two feet of frozen snow on the pasture, and harvesting milkweed, placing it in my packbasket. sking home, and prepping on the kitchen floor. my hands were cold, but the paper was lovely.
guess what this is?
 and this?
and this?
this is wonderful. i like it now as much as when i first saw it.