lesson plans

round the place i'll know that fall is here.

busy days, making paper, cleaning up, making more pulp, pulling sheets. wet pants legs, wool socks with plastic shoes. who wants to clean house when it's so urgent outdoors? great blue herons soar over. the hooligans will come this week to make paper. the last students went a bit wild with the iridescent mica bits, not bling exactly, but it's cousin.
the black eyed susans are going, and i'm hoping the kids will use the remaining petals in some abaca, along with asters and ferns. makes a lovely sheet, and i do NOT like "flower paper". these have colors that will last and please the kids so they will want to do some binding. and if they can write something, and print it out on the imac, and bind it, they will be so proud. am i doing the work? you bet--setting kids up to succeed is happy work.