transitioning weather and trees. i noticed leaves coloring, they're saying the color show is early this year. could be. vines are thriving. virginia creeper is reddening. 
where this truck lives other vehicles live also. and a herd of horses. i love this site. it's rocky and southren exposed, beautiful. but what a mess, essentially a junkyard. all this old metal. shanna leino who makes amazing books and tools for bookbinding (talas sells them) also repurposes found steel in her jewelry. she is inspired by objects full of meaning, sewing machine bobbins, for example. strike metals.
three tube rivets hold the discs apart.
a gathering of cards made their way to me from warwick press. mouse on mouse. carol's attention to the smallest detail amazes me, the colors handpainted. love that face! i don't pretend to be able to understand this: running a trapline year round and loving the beautiful mouseness of mice. c.s.lewis portrayed a workable truce between humans and mice in that hideous strength. i wish it were so.