gathering in

india has posted on found, stitched, and dyed, a gathering of gatherers. wake robin is one of those sites, so welcome. i think, if i am ever to be qualified as ANYTHING it is as a gatherer. i have gathered images on my commute home this week. here they are. corn harvested, cattails.
two crows make me happy. i could barely see these crows. my little camera helped me.
milkweed and crows in the treeline
indigo sky, twill corn stubble
indigo marsh
so you can get a sense of the st. lawrence river valley, and the grasse river along which i drive for a bit. then through town, and south into the foothills of the adirondacks, to my old farm in the hills. i am so rooted here, i can forage for much and be happy. in the mill right now: dogbane, abaca, and milkweed waiting for me to make paper. and feeling like i might actually get this work done on time! i'm grateful for the words of congratulations, too.