working with others

on occasion someone asks me to assist them in a printing project. usually i make the paper for a special edition or collage or on a couple of occasions, wedding invitations. it's easy when someone buys what i have on hand. when i make paper i usually make at least 100 8.5x11 in. sheets, which is about one potful of any botanical i harvest, clean, and put on to cook. while not a production papermaker, i make WAY more than the average amateur working in the kitchen. i like the work i've done lately because i move from one paper to the next, changing pulps slowly, so that many sheets have a variety of fiber in the pulp. these papers are often more interesting and quite often strong and versatile. some of these i have colored with strong black walnut dye.

so when working with another artist i have certain standards to adhere to. book artists and especially letterpress printers know what their presses will like and what they won't tolerate. they also like to design a whole book so that it works in every way the way they want it to. 
The Hummingbird by Sue Leopard, edition of 10
sue bought a selection of my papers a few years ago at wells college during their summer book arts institute. she recently contacted me to see if i had more of the same or complementary papers and i was able to find just enough!
sue wrote: 
Hi Velma, Thank you for your wonderful papers. The HUMMINGBIRD book is now completed  in an edition of 10.
I used a variety of your papers for the covers and you are credited in the colophon. The poem is by RUTH KESSLER of Rochester.

It will be on display in my upcoming show at 23 SANDY GALLERY in Portland, OR, opening Nov 5th.

i wish i could go to the opening, helen hiebert is also showing at this time. i'd go see ian, my son, too. i am pleased with this beautiful book, and honored that she cited me in the colophon.
do you see this morning's gift? snow!