photos of home, scattered

i stayed up way too late last night and barely got a walk in this afternoon before i collapsed. fortunately the hooligans were in good shape today, the ones that made it in. (we have pretty high absenteeism.) 
this is a david wolfe print, one he completed at pbi. i loved it when he explained the intricacies of printing this (using copper) to me. it lives right above a spirit cloth from jude hill.
this one of jude's has some weaving in the border. there are three of her cloths on the walls in this room, where also lives a favorite adirondack mountain painting by bill evans.
this revealed itself to me after our walk. shelf fungi. on maple. 
i did a huge amount of dyeing with fungi when ian was a baby.
high bush cranberries.
more birthday goodies...and a questionable card. i laughed hard. that's blueberry preserves, made by my sister.
collage by anastasia osolin. she was my third yoga teacher. 

these are some of the images that i look at, that mean something to me. i have lots of art in this house, lots to keep my mind engaged in the process of discovery. and lots to inspire when the days draw in and the nights lengthen and become ponderous. 
i don't get bored or depressed. i read and make things and do some thinking.
i also sometimes get some more paper made. two vats, maybe three, have got to be completed. time to work. 

and go over to aimee's site and see the photographs of her newest work. it looks really really good!