today, remembrance

a rock, not quite quartered.
a rock book?
a rock map?
how i wish there were no guns in the woods right now. as far as i know there have been two local deaths. so far. people shooting people. there is a crazed sort of hunting mentality that seems so foreign to hunting for food. wendy found this in the meadow. perhaps a natural death. probably not.
this death, near the beaver pond. the leg above probably belongs to this skeleton. if a hunter shot this on adjacent property, my three neighbors hunt or lease their lands, it may have run onto my land. coyotes have eaten the flesh. near the leg in the meadow i found a large, dark poop. coyote. i like to have a map of what happens out here, and because i no longer go to the barn twice daily, i don't stay on top of things.i could have taken some of these bones to make bone folders from. maybe i'll go out tomorrow with a bag.
i saw many downed trees that were too large to haul.
the edge of the pond in the picture where the line of sedges and cattails meet the water is the dam edge. the next pond is eight to ten feet lower than the uppermost pond! 
this used to be a wet meadow. 
and this little stream is one of the sources of the beaver pond. my place was a family farm, so at the junction of the old farm road and the stream was the dump, a place that my kids and their friends used to find treasures, bottles and metal toys.

so now it's time for me to get back to work, to think of books and paper and art and fiber. i brought home a pocketful of stones, and fungi. small stones from the stream, fungi from a downed tree. i will try to dye with this shelf fungus. i am too lazy to look it up. 
the little stones will go in aimee's book, i think. 
i have dreamed again of book things.