wild wind

i remember a children's book that i found as a young woman called the girl who loved the wind. wind was a metaphor for freedom. i hear that phrase, the girl who loved the wind, whenever the wind blows big. like now. this morning it's amazing and wild and scares wendy, who hates the sound of big winds. (and thunder and gunshots)
november 20. 
there has been rain and sleet and snow on the wind this morning, but just now the wind has gone quiet.
out the window it is quite bare and ochre and grey. 

thank you all who i set to thinking about the ownership of ideas. it was pointed out to me that in the specific cases i was thinking about the tm was only on the title or phrase, not on the content. 
i am also inviting you all to celebrate the day after thanksgiving. i have been one of the non-shoppers for several years. this probably means nothing to readers outside the us. but here it's a mad craze to shop for christmas, with shoppers crazed by sales and hype. speaking of, i saw christmas decorations on a house last night. and one of my students informed me that they put up their tree (aritificial) on all saint's day. i cannot imagine this! 
 from Patti Smith's acceptance speech for the National Book Award for the memoir Just Kids:

“Please, no matter how we advance technologically, please don’t abandon 
the book. There is nothing in our material world more beautiful than the