william blake and duck

and here it is, my birthday. i enjoy it because it comes along around thanksgiving, sometimes on thanksgiving, but the thing is, it's all about reflecting and just being. perhaps i will not be being next november 28. perhaps i will be being longer, even much longer. who knows? this little book was made with my words, a calendar or a winter count. of sorts. by aimee, who also sent a package full of delights. 

 navigating this package was a great adventure.
inside the exquisite hanji and pina book

there was also a duck
and a picture of me at a cleaned up work table. making books with carol.
i'm 54 today. my mom was 41 when i was born. if i had been in her shoes (heels, of course) i would now have a thirteen year old. oh. my. god. instead i have wonderful kids in their twenties, a border collie, a passel of family and very fine friends. 
there is snow on the ground this overcast day.
on my porch, i slipped, almost wrecking my camera. but i didn't. 
life is very good.