happy new year

marking time, making plans, reflecting on the dying year (i almost wrote dyeing). 
when a year has been bigger than ever before, 
a watershed, 
as this one has for me, 
i hardly know where to begin. 
but this i do know:
 all of the friends and budding friendships (and in some cases old friends reconnected) 
that have happened as a result of internet technology 
have been sustaining 
in a way that utterly amazes me. 
i am grateful for these relationships, 
each of them,
each of YOU 
because i think these are patches of beauty in a broken world, 
if you will, of the goodness of the human spirit. 
and when these patches are sewn together or pulped together 
the resulting fabric or piece of paper are whole things. 
useful, full of potential, 
my very good wishes to you all. for health, or for suffering well, if that is your job.
happy, i say, new year.