two books, three covers

three split rocks
i made two books sunday, one for ian. it is bound with a cover of st. armand flax paper, and the pages are polaroid emulsions. here it is before binding. i made a nifty cover, that folds on itself and contains a spine stiffener, all held together without glue, just folds. putting together the show reminded me of my emulsion investigations. above you see three small rock book covers, the ones i'd lost and never made the pages for. now i can.
the rectangular object photographed here is the cooling system for the milk house on this old farm. now it serves as an interesting artifact of 1950s farming, and a breeding ground for mosquitos. i love it's weirdness. and remember, these photos are the rejects, but will make a wonderful ground for a sketchbook. it will be in the mail today.