my dear friends pat and butch sent me this delicious cinnamon candy. this year they had an organizational glitch and i got TWO boxes. i could return one, or send it to someone else, but instead i will share them. so come by, if you're in the vicinity, and i will serve you some delicious tea and RED candy! yummy! i took some to school with me tuesday, and the kids loved it. thank you, my dear friends!
it's snowy here, and icy today, but about an hour's drive away in croghan, at ravenpond, there is probably three times as much snow. heaven for cross country skiers. (and i may get out on skis tomorrow, my knees are that much better!)
wendy supervises hannah checking her oil, readying her car for a road trip to her dad's for christmas eve. 
tis the season of nests. they're visible everywhere, little surprises in the trees. these have lived on my back porch for a while, one has paper engulfing it. i don't know for sure, but i think it's pulp i tossed out of the mill and over the stonewall, and a bird with imagination decided to create a nest like none i've ever seen. it's half cocoon, half nest.