the book, revisited

so why does this book speak so to me? the wonderful paper. it's handmade, tough and nicely off white. the evidence of a hand, and it's probably a man's hand, because the info says it's a clergyman's book. the pages were cut or torn in many different shapes. there is evidence of at least two hands, maybe more. so scraps could have been bound into this. several of you noticed the vulva imagery. and there's a fish, too. there's evidence that there were several odd shapes put together. why? were the rest of the sheets of paper used for something more important? can you read any of it? remember it would have been written with an ink pen, perhaps a quill. and i can see the images from two movies, shakespeare in love and eight mile. think of eminem writing on scraps and a virile william writing with messy ink fingers. add in a book artist and there you are!
and then i remembered a weird little silk thread and abaca book i made long ago.
maybe it contains lines of spirit thinking.
or maybe those lines are ephemeral
 like in the ice from my walk today
or maybe both.