aimee is leaving soon for her teaching gig at mills college in oakland. (wish her good luck)

hannah is leaving a few days later to go back to school in to boston. (wish her good luck)

katie left last week to return to laramie and college. (wish her good luck, too)
i will be staying. i will be trying to sort out how to eat, exercise, and live more moderately, not so extravagantly. (for example, because i love to ski i tend to go for a big, hard ski the first time out. not this winter. not if i want my knees to work afterward.) it's uphill work. the american dream is NOT moderation. i never bought into the dream...or so i thought.

i have been asked about teaching next summer, out west, and not so far to the west. some requests will be possible, not all. i have been asked to show my work. i don't know how it will come together. but leaving and beginning are interwoven, like cloth, like a basket, like a nest, in the web of my life. i am beginning to balance the interior physical with all the rest. it's all new to me, i'm on rocky ground. but my ankles have grown stronger with age, and i'm ready to walk well, if not run.

some new worlds are opening up, at a distance, even here at home. the year looks exciting, here, in the cold and snow (though we missed the big nor'easter).
i will have to take my time and be careful about how i manage it all. like always, negotiating the trail. i hope i am ready. and good luck to aimee, to hannah, to katie. i love you three!