moving through

a long trip home friday
there are times in winter when it just seems like there's too much to do juxtaposed with vast stretches of everything taking a long time, not exactly boring, just lengthy. interminable, sometimes. this wouldn't be a problem if we could adjust our schedules to meet the logical rhythms for our individual needs. it caught up to me over break, when i was sick with a sinus infection, then some gastra-intestinal "stuff". i live in this body and this body was screaming for some changes, which i have begun.
 i feel better. 
like most, though, this inner work (whether emotional or physical) is not accomplished quickly or in a vacuum-i have work to go to, fairly stressful, family stuff, fairly non-stressful (thankfully, i've been there, too) and art stuff, finding dome new directions and possibilities. there are plenty of balls to juggle. i'm not too skilled. but i keep practicing.
and it will sort itself out.