two cloths, one silk, above, one cotton, below 
eco dyed from eucalyptus leaves sent all the way from oakland california, 
a gift from aimee.
this week off work/school i have thought much about intention. 
barry has a series of sculpture based on the concept of choosing a daily intention.
this week my intention was purely selfish.
to travel, learn, and enjoy. to be in a BIG city, to improve my skills.
and what was this turkey's intention?
how do the the animals navigate the intricacies of thought?
two new little skeins
i am planning a small woven sampler now, there i've said it!
woven photograph of a stack of sheets
and paper making is calling.
patti roberts-pizzuto profiled me this week. please take a look. 
and take a look at her work while you're there.
it's good.
one more intention: india flint has challenged folks to donate cash to the earthquake recovery in new zealand. if you donate, you might also get a piece by her. take a look there, too. and make a donation. i'm going to. another intention.