learning matsuo kozo

so this is what i did in toronto. a bamboo basket, with red lacquer paint. 
matsuo kozo, 1/2 sheet
ready to spin
i stayed in the place where my book becomes a journal for many others' thoughts.
my dear friend wendy and i had lovely conversations.
laughter, and caring.
i leave her grateful, challenged, and celebrated for being just myself. 
this is the amazing gift that mature friendship brings.
i worked with hiroko karuno to understand and expand my shifu education. 
i have far to go, but i must say that getting to this place was a huge victory for me. 
can you see the tiny arches formed between each "string"?
this step proved to be most difficult for me. 
my awkward hands fumbled as i sought to understand the work necessary to prepare 
kozo for spinning. eventually certain things "clicked".
i love that concrete blocks are just fine for this!
one half sheet (two quarters) of matsuo kozo, prepared for spinning.
this elegant wheel is perfect for the job. 
it has a wonderful flexibility in the "maidens" which are made from corded bamboo sheaths. 
(and i suspect also in the wheel adjustments for the drive band)
hiroko sent me home with my two small skeins wrapped around 
a plastic covered bobbin, still damp, 
with instructions to wind off while still a tiny bit damp. 
i forgot to photograph them in their damp state, i was so eager to skein them!
so at 10:30, after my train and car trips, 
i eagerly began to wind off my skeins.
89 yards.
i am ridiculously delighted with this spinning, this handwork, 
this almost meditation of making.
i honor hiroko, her kind husband, my dear wendy, and her husband.
i thank toronto, a city i'm learning to love.
i was made to feel very welcome, for this most exciting step in my textile education. 
when i prepare to make shifu, 
it seems like all the parts of my making are coming together.