mail call

i am so much a country woman; i love the mail. 
i love it especially when it contains not one, not two, but THREE good things! 
and yes, several recycle bin fillers, but there were three good things!!!
i opened a card from hannah advising: TAKE CARE OF EACH OTHER. 
a valentine. 
but i smelled something great...maybe pine? 
is it the lichen covered twigs i found in my pocket yesterday? no, they are scentless. 
what is that?
there's this letter/contract...where i plan to teach this summer (yay). more about that later. 

i can still smell that wonderful smell.

a chinese new year wish from aimee, which i opened... and woohoo! the scent of...
from oakland. complete with letterpress MOON.
my head is reeling with the scent of these delicious leaves. 
aromatic is not the word.
wondrous is.