it's why i feel balanced today, i think
a wee dram?
maple syrup
medium amber i think he said
from my land, my trees, a neighbor's labor
it tastes like maple trees.
like bark.
like soil.
no kidding. 
 it's still very warm,
i opened and 
tasted this odd bark sweetness
 this is where wendy rolled 
looking for the last 
of the snow
she's itchy
each spring
to go deep, to scratch, to revel 
one snow puddle
hidden in the raspberry canes  
i looked all around this meadow,
much overgrown
to raspberry
and honeysuckle
and wild apple
 and thorn apple
and milkweed
welcome here unlike elsewhere.
so i smelled 
the same 
or tasted the smell 
as i sat, then 
stretched out
on the soft brittle grass 
and i brought home
a bit of milkweed fiber 
time to make paper
for spring.