hump day returns

the kids were "zooy" today. lots of anxiouness, which translates into odd behavior in e.d. kids. sparks between some kids, one kid a drama queen in spades, another with huge adhd issues, a bragging king, one in crisis, one stirring the pot, two eager to learn. all kinds of foolishness. our supervisor, an athlete (football, hockey), now in shirt and tie, stopped in and played ultimate frisbee with us. major kudos, the kids love playing, especially with him.
and after school i stopped at the post office, mailed a package to australia, visited with a paper and book friend who was tired like me at the end of the day. 
 went home to a cup of tea, 
and a very anxious border collie who demanded a walk.
she likes this wet snow, 
and is able to run through or on top of most of it. 
after the walk it became ominous, more weather coming, a little warmer.