plain weave

what has happened, is happening still in japan is horrible.
i watched aghast the b.b.c. footage on my computer (i live without t.v.)
i have checked in with friends, and so far people i know are safe, and so are their loved ones.
but oh my, that is not the case for many. i am attending with all my heart.
i wanted to say something about plain.
plain weave.
an old blanket. two lengths pieced together.
white warp, white weft. weft a bit yellower.
i took this out last night to use.
i won't save it any longer. it needs to be used. 
beauty in use. 
you fiberartists will notice many things about this piece.
i haven't begun to discover them all. the weft is, i think, handspun wool.
i don't know for sure anything; the size i can measure.
i can't tell you what was in the mind of the woman 
who sewed these lengths together. 
and hemmed them.
i can't know 
of the wool shorn, washed, spun, woven 
into a modest blanket.
warm enough for the north country fall,
with a quilt or two, for winter.
plain weave.
my favorite.