frustration and forgiveness

today in my inbox were two messages. one about the amazing steve miller, a teacher, a bookmaker, a printer, and a fine human being. steve is ok, but his house in tuscaloosa was in the path of one hungry tornado and has been destroyed. the other message was from an internet friend, jean betts, who is checking on me and my sick finger. 

i am frustrated, but have a plan of action regarding the finger. i am buying an amazing tiny plastic splint that will enable me to function as well as possible minus one joint, while this heals. it will be on at least six more weeks; this splint will allow me to do prep for my summer teaching gigs. this is good news indeed. my doctor gary gets it. and i will get better.

but steve, though he and his partner are safe, have lost their home. i have a tiny hurt, his is huge. and yet, they are safe. 

it's very windy here. i watched two tree branches crack in the wind. water levels are very high, rivers above flood stage. the snowmelt is adding to the rain and our rivers are flooding. right now there is bright sunshine. as this front moves through, it will chill off. things are stirring and weird, and yet i am full of hope. steve and his partner will be ok, i will be ok, but this planet, i'm not so sure. but i'm still hoping.