old bear paws, almost round, ash and rawhide
yesterday i went to lake placid. my finger will remain in a splint for 6 more weeks. 
damn and blast. it is, however healing. 
and i like my doctor.
 i did what a woman at the birch store called retail therapy. i shopped, only in two stores.
 if any of you know the adirondacks you may recognize this.
 car pics on the perilous drive between some mountains
 cascade, anyone?
i love signage, as the man says
 so i take pictures from behind the wheel, as i navigate the curves "hills"
they don't call them the high peaks for nothing
trying to photograph and watch the road and watch the jumps is impossible
i have seen summer and winter jump practice, terrifying fun.
 lunch in the park on lake flower, and a little education
up from the sign
a glorious day.
happy birthday, IAN!!!!!

go and look at what jean is doing. 
she is really really making beautiful shifu as well as beautiful everything else. 
morgan students: look at this!!!!!