leaving magic behind

bowels of bull's eye glass. 
this is what the first born does five days a week.
holding up a stack of books at powell's
i'm not sure which part i will write about first--meeting catherine and bill, giving a talk for the b.a.g., teaching natural dye techniques, giving a talk for p.s.b.a., teaching plant papermaking... but by far seeing my firstborn was a high point of this trip. ian called once i returned to catherine's saying he has four pieces in a show in san francisco! great news!
 this photo is for all of you glass addicts (mary!)
ian's empty bowl
so, i'm in the airport, waiting for the red eye to nyc and then to syracuse, 
and sometime midday tomorrow i'll be home.
ian's sneeks 
ian and me on a boat
the captain
(thank you, travis)
we travelled under all the bridges in portland, 
a wonderful way to see the city! 
wearing ian's plaid jacket.
it did NOT rain 
the pirate was not at home
(i think) 
just in time 
portland from her river