the white table with shifu knitty noddy "snake", ancient beads
old bone hooks, a blizzard binding sample, linen samples
 sometimes i think this messing around with fiber is 
a woman's way of telling a story. 
a story that traces time, emotion, grace.
adding paper makes it a book.

shifu book, blue cotton paper, lily of the valley and abaca paper
and i reflect on my recent travels.
at the morgan i was given a gift after the last student left,
and the tables were cleared, 
and my stuff all packed up and ready to load. 

 tom invited me to use a big mould and work at a
wonderful big vat
making pale blue paper
while susan made lily of the valley paper.
oh my.
i could feel the strain of the big dip
between my shoulders.
it felt good.
after a while it was enough, i was tired.
a shifu square dyed with slippery elm 
today, the amazing susan sent me
my papers, in a big tube,
and a sampling of her papers she is naming after me.