...which i don't know: iPhoto tricks and usages. really.

and then this appears in the inbox:

"each woman has potential access to rio abajo rio, this river
beneath the river. she arrives there through deep meditation, dance,
writing, painting, prayer making, singing, drumming, active
imagination, or any activity which requires an intense altered
consciousness.  a woman arrives in this world-between worlds
through yearning and by seeking something she can see just out of the 
corner of her eye. she arrives there by deeply creative acts, through
intentional solitude, and by practice of any of the arts. and even with
these well-crafted practices, much of what occurs in this ineffable
world remains forever mysterious to us, for it breaks physical laws
and rational laws as we know them."
clarissa pinkola estes

is this not what it's all about?????
drat iPhoto, anyway.