august first

first splintless handwriting since april,
the quote is from leslie avon miller: paper has it's own language"
today i drove two hours to lake placid to see my orthopedic doctor.
i can now be splintless during the day, 
as long as i'm not being too rough. 
i wear the splint at night for another three months, until i next visit.
the tendon is healing, 
about 50 percent,
slowly but surely.
 a surprise awaited me in the mail, 
 a drop spindle made by kevin from a morgan kozo shaft, 
and an inscribed whorl
"expressly made for velma, ms. shifu"
and on the very bottom, the morgan logo
susan sent me her first shifu the other day. 
i was so very moved.
(it included a "map" of our workshop learning.)
a repeat today, of tears welling up,
when this lovely memento from the morgan arrived.
the enthusiasm for shifu and spinning kozo continues:
 in cleveland there is a shifu group.
this summer i have seen it happen: 
when someone is sparked by an idea, 
or an idea catches them, 
or something resonates and compels and needs to be explored.
so after lunch i slept deeply, 
adjusting to my finger's allowed mobility is strange
adjusting to being home and quiet for a time
also strange
adjusting to thinking about some books that are 
brewing, brings excitement.
august, indeed.