backyard, frontyard

 back yard
front yard
 two silver buttons, 
waiting for string
the back of one above
thank you roz.
since school has begun
i'm a bit busy
missed yoga
but getting a few things done.
dyeing silks
goldenrod and rose leaves and wild grape
and indigo
a little cauldron
the end of the indigo harvest
just in time
frost is in the weekend forecast
a zine to welcome the intertime of autumn
pleases me
and yesterday and today news:
a papermaking student from the northwest, jan,
 sent me lovely words
and a dyeing student, 
also from there, jenny
sent me a wonderful postcard: 
a print of usnia and dyed with the same
labor day weekend was amazing with a houseful
a coven
healing and resting
and stitching and making energy.
wild grapes from the frontyard, 
look like the backyard,
on three layer silk
and then there's
today's surprise.
(when i can get blogger to listen
to my request,
i will share that, too.)
it's working into a storm.
wendy is restless.
i have a thing or so to do, before suppertime.