weaving a little bit

i have been pretty overwhelmed by the wendy crisis 
happening on the heels
 of the new sadnesses about john and ed
but i wove a little bit 
during these six days. 
my mother's birth name,
*(elva) weaver*
became meditation
in my hands,
when they held
shifu making,
and not border collie.
(some things made
or in the process)
 and this is wendy tonight
looking around in early twilight 
from the stoop
that's dogbane for paper.
 wendy earlier
chased a teasing chipmunk a couple of feet
without a stumble,
happily surprised me!
we're not sure if it's muscle atrophy,
because her heart is working way too hard,
weakness, or a spine issue.
 she is less wobbly
though still stumbles a bit.
when i came home from school,
she was at the back door,
singing the mom song in greeting.
the first in sooo long.