after and fuggish

thank you all,
i had a lovely birthday, 
beginning with a phone call just after 6 am. 
the day was overcast, but it was fine
a message came from aimee giving me permission 
(she wasn't the only one!)
the little back door garden had a surprise. 
blossoming on my birthday
today it's beginning to look more like winter, but it's just fog
a foggy, fuggy day at work
no matter
 yesterday was like this
calls from my kids, with *mail* coming today
and family, and friends checked in.
the cave of forgotten dreams was amazing
the artist(s) could draw. 20,000 to 30,000 years ago
lines were made with mastery.
they were rich, beautiful,
the 3-d glasses were not so fun. 
but i'm glad i went.