beverly gordon: textiles: the whole story
this book is stretching my thinking from the prosiac everyday 
to really seeing where this textile thing
where it comes from for me.
(my mother's birth name was weaver)
 and then i noticed a little thing
 stitches on the cover
 india flint: second skin
and this lovely book
yep also stitches on the cover
which sent me to my sketchbook
so i could play with threads
and then i noticed my shirt
waffle weave linen
flax shirt, beginning to go
but next it becomes paper
 i'm the second owner
and then i got back to thinking about books
those stitches WERE on books
me: spring walk
where a book may go
following the stitch
hellos going out to all the saggitarians 
like me, celebrating their births
thanks, jean
(even though i can't get it turned round right)