brown cloths

when the amazing india's eco colour appeared
i had been playing for some time with rust
and mold
and alternative dye processes, 
not knowing what, exactly, i was up to.

since the days of college and extreme frugality
i have been
using old cotton sheeting to dye on.
in those days, i used rit and procion dyes. 
there is an unfinished quilt in the trunk--
in soft reds and blues
(the story of the blue oatmeal comes from this time)
not long after i commenced reading eco colour 
i was dyeing
bundling, adding metals, plants
(and a frond of eucalyptus from the florist)
several days ago i pulled out this cloth
and studied it. 

it's fine. 
 the old cotton
sucked up the available pigments
in tidy patterns  
for christmas, my daughter hannah
knitted a brown cloth. a scarf
to keep me warm. 
her friend jody's pattern
apparently available on ravelry
(i don't do ravelry...)
two brown cloths.
both made from a few fibers...