no rice paper

there is NOT a thing called
 rice paper.
that term makes a papermaker see red.
not a happy red.
recently aimee mentioned this to me.
i try not to fuss, but then i saw it on a painter's blog
and begged to clarify.
a drawer of my papers
this week's new york times magazine profiles
one of my heroes
timothy barrett.
who wrote the amazing japanese papermaking
and also this week
i found this video about another of my heroes
hedi kyle.
hedi's innovations in book structures are amazing
she is a fine and generous teacher.
milkweed bast
once upon a time my ex,
who worked in the paper industry,
brought home an inquiry
from tim at iowa.
it included some small samples and 
a request for donations of surplus lab equipment.
i don't know if the mill made a donation
but i kept the letter, the samples
 a treasure for me
one isolated adirondack papermaker.
out back