fog before sunshine

there was fog. 
only a little fog
but a warmness playing with the cool
of the warm days this spring.
and it rolled in for a morning 
and then vanished
as the earth sucked the heat out of the generous clouds.
this winter is now spring, 
and it looks like it's going to last.
for a few days, anyway
and i have started tidying up for it
and wonder what the hell
is going on
what's going on?
in the heat of today
 afternoon in the 70's
a crocus rose, blossomed and almost gave up.
one day.
me, i'm trying to hold on
to remember that change is inevitable
even good
and not to wonder about the 
great melting 
up north.
may there be ice.
may there be health.
there are changes on earth
at home.
and peepers began today