new and new

i have spent delicious time
inside a new book
reading and waiting
terry tempest williams has published this:
when women were birds
fifty four variations on voice
it is beautiful, hard, confusing
compelling, comforting, solid
and light as a feather.
(the physical book is also beautiful)
 the rock there
it connects me to what i've been seeing
birds birds birds birds birds birds birds
i watch the heron nest,
there are three fledgelings now
with wind sounding like ocean.
and at home i watch my place here
and the new place i will inhabit
in a year or so
a new ecotone
all ecotone in fact
an old farm
long in decay
now a private place open to sky and dreams
and land. old geography, new to me.

we will honor a dream begun by a young family
but reshape it into
a place to grow old in
it will change
it will be the same.
little fiber, except yet more shifu
but spring and change is here.